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Jewelry Care


It is important to know that jewelry takes special care, whatever its composition. Jewels are very delicate and valuable pieces, so we must always treat them with the utmost care.

Tips for caring for your jewelry:

  • Always avoid contact of the jewel with chemical products that can damage its color. colognes, perfumes, creams, oils or lacquers, can make your piece darken or lose shine due to the abrasion produced by chemicals. The constant contact of our jewelry bathed with these products makes them wear out faster. Apply this advice with all your jewelry to extend their life.
  • We recommend removing the jewelry before doing any physical activity or going to sleep. It is not recommended to use them in the shower, pool or sea.
  • The jewels should not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature, especially gems, they can undergo changes in their color. They should always be kept away from damp spaces such as a bathroom, and always away from any sun exposure. For the correct conservation of your jewels, it is preferable that you always keep them individually.
  • If you use a jewelry box, make sure the pieces are in separate compartments. Try to keep the chains closed and on a flat surface so that no knots form.

On several occasions, we have our jewelry stored in a drawer thinking that the bathroom has gone and the only thing that happens is that it is dirty. Both silver and silver plated get dirty frequently. Think that you wear it almost daily, and just as you wash your clothes, you have to clean your jewelry. Ideally, you should use a cotton cloth or non-abrasive chamois to remove any dirt on the piece. In the same way, you can do it with water, soap and a soft brush, it is very important to dry the jewel very well.

What is Golfi gold?

The term golfi identifies a type of hypoallergenic jewelry, the composition of which is 14k GF gold. This material is manufactured by pressing, which consists of a 14k gold base with an alloy of different metals. Thanks to its composition, the jewelery remains protected for a long time, even for decades, since its gold finish is much thicker than a normal coating.

Gold Plated.

Our jewelry is generally made on a silver base or bronze. We put a layer of gold on the metal through means electromagnetic or chemical.

Why is a veneer more durable than a bath?

The biggest difference between a gold plating and a bath is the thickness of its layer. Plating has many more layers of gold than plating. And logically the thicker the layer, the more durable it will be and we will have a higher quality jewel. Our Aluzina jewelry is always plated.


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